Just after some advice.

I am coming upto my 11 yr reckonable service point. If I NTT a month after this point will i still qualify for my 12 yr resettlement grant £8600 i think or do i need to do the full 12 yrs then NTT

No, you can sign off 1 month after your 11 year point. the 12 years reckonable service is calculated up to your last day of service, so therefore if you have completed 11 years and one month and give notice, you should have completed 12 years one month on your last day of service.

The following Paragraph is from the "Financila Apsects of Resettlement Booklet" which you should be able to get a copy of from your RAO. Note that a new version came out in May 2005. If they dont have a copy tell them it was "Enclosure 1 to DSPSI 163/168 dated 26 May 05" and they can photocopy it for you

"9. Resettlement Grant. If you have completed at least 12 years, but less than 22 years, reckonable service you are entitled to a Resettlement Grant in addition to your preserved pension and preserved terminal grant. It will be paid to you on your discharge by your respective Service pay office, the address of which is at Appendix 4."

Edit: As a PS. I did not mean you must wait until 1 month after your 11 year point, 1 day will do (and that is assuming all your 11 years is reckonable, no unpaid leave, Nick, AWOL etc)
Just make sure that you know when your 12 year's Reckonable Service is up. If you joined whilst under 17.5, your 12 year point will be 12 years from your 17.5 birthday or your 18th birthday. Not sure which, sure someone will enlighten me!! If you were over 18 when you joined then it will be just a straight 12 years.
Yeah, I fell into that cataegory, being a Junior Leader. It was always a bit confusing, but with regard to Resettlement Grants and Pensions, it is your 18th Birthday or date of enlistment if later.

The 17.5 year point also used to be called reckonable Man Service Date, and it used to be used to calculate things like your 9+ 12+ 15+ pay increments, but not sure if it has any relevance now under Pay 2000
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