So, I've signed off and my date on jpa is May 26th 2017, given leave etc I should be out at the end of April. Now here's the problem, I recently applied for a level 4 apprenticeship in project management and was successful. I originally thought the job was for September 2017 but they've offered me a lot earlier. The learning is due to begin in January (17) and they ideally want me to start beforehand to get a feel for the role. My troop commander seems to be very understandable but I'm slightly worried that if my application for early release gets approved at regimental level, Glasgow might turn it down anyway. So what I'm really looking for and would be extremely grateful, is how to go about making the best possible case? Background:

- I have been downgraded for almost a year (MND temp) for breathing problems that are still under investigation
- currently in a non trade related pid (and never have been)
- the whole of my squadron is deploying in January

If there's anybody out there that has an idea whether these are sufficient grounds or any further recommendations I'd love to hear from them