NTs fitness test

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NT, did you pass your PFT today then?

Waits eagerly for reply :D

So much grief coming your way if you've failed. :twisted:

Chimera, please delete once reply and abuse has been given. :wink:
it's not looking good for the young gun-bunny wannabe is it? If he had passed he would no doubt have been on here like a shot bragging about how nails he is!

And then getting shot down in flames as per usual!
He's running scared of all the old sweats who will pick on him again. :D And again. And again.

Wonder if we can start a new thread with a vote on it to get him transfered to the drop shorts. Don't think its been done before has it? :twisted:
Nightrained said:

My fullscrew took the pleasure off wrapping a pace stick around my body a few dozen times...
You so need to get on top of this NT. I was really taking the pizz at the >11mins crack. Whatever your trg routine / diet / lifestyle combo, it ain't really working is it?

You need to get out on the roads twice a day and pack some miles in.

As for your fullscrew, ask him what he drinks, there are a few here, who will happily buy him a beer. :)
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