You are being informed. Have a look at the pay statement. Opposite NT overissue will be the amount to be deducted, but notice that it is in the payments column, not the deductions column.

Somewhere above NT Overissue will be the reason - it might be overpaid allowances, or accommodation and food charges which have not caught up. It will usually be easy to spot because the dates for which the deduction is being made will fall outside of this month. The sum of those deductions will equal the amount on NT Overissue.

Net to you this month is no change (you will get in the bank what you expect).

'They' have deducted your overpay, and paid you the same amount back immediately as an interest free loan called - NTOverissue.

Next month nothing should happen.

The month after the deductions to repay your interest free NTOverissue loan will begin. That's when you will actually feel the pain of a reduced pay packet.

In the meantime you should expect to be notified by your pay-clerk / RAO (but note that you already have been informed - thats the point of your pay statement).

Hi PM,

Sorry for pm-ing you but I don't like open forum.

I am on permanent sick leve, MD termination is 28th May.

I too had the NT Overissue this month showing, to the tune of £925.03. It is the GYH(P) issued since being on sick leave.

When I went on sick leave, I asked the pay office to ensure I was bullet proof with all my pay stuff (i was on the 37 package and living i the mess commuting at weekends), they checked and said all was well, I would not pay food but keep the rest. I brought up this GYH(P), to be told you are still entitled etc. An error made!

I take it from your post, that as I will not have months to re-pay, they will take it direct from my 22 year money or I will feel it in one in the next pay packet? my last one

Do I have any redress here, after all, I came clean months back and the RAOWO cocked it up. No pay statement recieved for the last month yet or informed from my RAO dept.


You are being informed. Have a look at the pay statement.
Pay_minstral, cheers for pointing that out, didn't think of that.

Somewhere above NT Overissue will be the reason
No food or acc charges for the last 5 months- I did tell them. (I think)

It's just that I thought that I have to go and sign a bit of paper (AF O9613) to say that the repayments were at a sensible level that wouldn't cause me financial hardship, before the money starts coming out.

Methinks I need to get hold of PAM Part 2, Ch 5, Section 13 or DSPSI 326/20 dtd 11 Mar 04.

cheers able andy for the doc numbers.

edited for doc numbers

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