Nt Overissue


I am currently deployed, but have a pay issue that has been going on for over a year now.

I have completed a Notice of Objection, dated April 06. This has gone through the correct channels and is now with Glasgow, who acknowledged receipt by letter in July.

Due to my unit pay office not completing paperwork in time they started to recover the money in May, this was then halted once we realised.

Since I have been deployed the wife has approached the pay officer who contacted Glasgow but was told to fax them for an update - this was in Nov.
She has since heard nothing. Looking on armynet last night guess what they have started taking payments again without my knowledge or my signing anything.

Irrespective of views on regarding my overissue shouldn't my pay office be a damn sight more helpful and can glasgow just start recovering money as and when they feel like it especially with a supposed redress pending.
Wife is fuming again as this mucks up finances in the UK.
It should not matter if you deployed of not, if there os a clerk from your unit they can get in touch with you RAO in unit lines and find out, stand your ground and go and see some one i would and i would tell any one of my blokes the same clerks are there to help you not hinder.


This is, unfortunately, A Typical now. But in the defence of the Clerical world, they have a Single Point of Contact at the end of a phone/fax. 9 times out of 10 you receive a 24 hour reply statement and a 10 day work period to solve any pay related matter. If you call back after the 10 days you will probably speak to someone different, who has no idea about the initial problem and you start the whole process again.

Take it up with your CoC, while this may not instantly solve the problem it may add another avenue to expidite the change you request and at least acknowledge that your redress has been lodged.
Mate i had a non taxable overissue last year and then the next month it came out i was just wondering is this not dodgy they put it on my pay statement as a non taxable overissue but WTF when i asked clerical ops just got told not to spend it as its coming straight back out but i still dont know why it happened

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