NT Overissue

someone has messed up with your pay and you are paying back what you owe. Could be food charges that weren't taken or just any bone fcuk up by your pay people. Happens all the time at my place as they all seem to be inept at their job!!
Got another question for someone who can maybe help.
When does the new LSSA scales start, and it never showed on the 15 new scales how many days applied to which scale, and finaly i am currently on tour and have about 70 days to go till i get my next bonus, will i still get this or will it cease come 1 April...Many thanks..
I have just had the same thing happen to me, i had stopped paying accom charges due to an error on Unicom, eventually they took the money off me and then paid me it back as a Non Taxable overissue, then they will take it off me again at an agreed rate, for a large amount it is no more than 4 gross days pay but as mine was about 90 quid they should hopefully just take it off in one go.
Hope this helps

Why can Glasgow not specify what it is that you owe. They do it for LSSA, RRA(L) and other such charges, e.g. Item - LSSA, Period - 02 JAN 18 JAN, Rate - 9.14, Deduction 146.24. That I can understand and accept but having money taken off me for goodness knows why, truly bugs me. Was it that 349 I broke on exercise? Maybe my pay was increased before the due date? I just want to know out of curiosity and it would only be courteous to be told.
You will have had a pay statement giving you the NT Overissue, check your serial numbers (top right hand side) and make sure that you havent got one missing.
everytime an NToverissue is generated an information slip is sent to your pay office with a description of how much, what the overissue is for and how it will be recovered. It will/(should) be kept with your most recent pay statement.

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