NSW Police Minister - "Look Im tittyf**king your Mum!"

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Mr_Farenheit, Sep 12, 2008.

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  1. Three days into his new job as NSW Police Minister, Matt Brown has been sacked following reports that he stripped to his underwear at a drunken party, straddled the breasts of MP Noreen Hay & called to her daughter who was nearby, "Look, I'm tittyfcuking your Mum!"


    Charming Man :D
  2. Sacked eh, maybe he could apply for the position of Australian cultural attache to the court of Saint James..... :D
  3. Yeah, so what, a politico fucked up, hardly anything new, is it.

    However on the page where that story appears, there was a link to another news item, URL below, sorry don't know how to do proper linky thingies, (NetNazi's probably wouldn't allow it anyway), but I was shocked, 7 years old FFS. When I was 7, girls were for pulling pigtails. I'm certain I didn't have a clue about BJ's at that age.

  4. Bloody hell, didn't even see that!

    Oh, & the link worked fine!
  5. F*ck me, getting blow jobs at 7 years of age? Lucky little c*nt. I had to wait until I was 19.
  6. See... I'd say the guy has some "character"... I'd have given him a raise...

    ... and Gary Glitter has been getting blowjobs from 7 year olds for years...
  7. Have you seen the state of her too:


    One for Scaley methinks... :pukel:
  8. Is that human? :?
  9. yes, but you'd been giving them from 9
    :roll: :roll: :roll:
  10. Is that human? For most of the world definitely no. For the Antipodes, that's a sex goddess.
  11. Oh, and ..... " the State Education Department and the Department of Child Safety had washed their hands of the case "...rather inappropriate wording, wouldn't you say, given the circumstances?!!
  12. Bloody hell! Gillian McKeith hasn't half let herself go.
  13. He's got more then a passing resemblence to Frankie Boyle, the Scottish comedian (the other Scottish comedian), who appears regularly in Mock the Week.

    Are they in some way related?

    I think we should be told.