NSV Blunder

Hello Arrse,

Having just completed and submitted my forms for Security Clearance I realised with some degree of horror that I have accidentally omitted information about going overdrawn. Though I have never gone into my own personal overdraft, I am a member of a student joint account (with 4 other people, used to pay bills etc.) that has gone into unauthorised overdraft. I completely forgot about this and didn't declare it on the form. As soon as I realised my mistake (only an hour after submission) I sent an email explaining the situation to the DVA.

Do you think this will have any impact on my receiving clearance? I'm not worried about being overdrawn (the amount was marginal), but am slightly worried that I might be perceived as trying to cover something up (even if I did immediately alert them about my mistake). Do I have something to worry about? Or am I just being a massive fanny?

Kind Regards,
You're being a fanny. Don;t rely on the email though, phone up and talk to a case officer to reassure yourself.
Then head around to their office block.

Throw yourself on your knees on the steps outside, wearing naught but sack cloth, and wail lots. Whilst smearing yourself with ashes and cutting yourself.... for added effect tip a bucket of liquidised dog toffee over your head, and use the bucket to beat yourself to unconciousness whilst shouting 'bad dobby!' at yourself.

I am sure they'll realise it was just a mistake.
they don't give a toss if you like wearing your mothers underwear whilst masturbating whilst covered in your own faeces. Just so long as you declare it, so it can't be used against you in an attempt to black mail you into giving up the secrets

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