Discussion in 'The Training Wing' started by Shaithis, Mar 6, 2010.

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  1. Has anybody got any ideas where i can find out the NSN for a Collimator, one for the Iron Sight, and one for the SUSAT ?.

    I have had a good paw through pams, dins etc to no avail.

    Once again, if anybody can point me in the right direction, i would be most grateful. :soldier:
  2. How urgent be it? I'll pop doon the armourer's shop in a bit if it's a rush job.
  3. need it by Monday m8, i have the justification of why we need them, just not the NSN to actually get them :(

    If you can grab them for me at any point that would be fantastic.
  4. You should be able to grab them on DII / Intranet via Tech Docs OnLine (TDOL)

    Will dig them for you by tomorrow pm hopefully - need anything else?
  5. Okies m8, i am in work tonight so will have a looksee on there.

    many thanks for the info :D
  6. Found the NSN.....many many thanks.

    just another quick question, is it just 1 SAC that does both Iron sight and SUSAT, or do i need 2 different SACs ?

    Probably a daft question.
  7. Will have a glimpers in the morning and see what the book says.
  8. Once again, many thanks m8.

    You are a lifesaver. :rmp:
  9. There is 2 differant collimators one for the iron sight and one for the SUSAT, my unit has got the iron sight ones as part of our equipment table, currently we have also got the SUSAT ones on temp loan with a number of SUSAT's.
  10. SUSAT
    Collimator Small Arms L1 A1 - V5 1240-99-765-3650
    Collimator Small Arms L1 A1 (Cased) - V5 1240-99-372-8670
    Collimator Small Arms L3 A1 - B5 1240-99-500-1940
    Collimator Small Arms L3 A1 (Cased) - B5 1240-99-608-3221

    You want individual items but order both the cased NSN so you get the full kit in a box. (Box, Collimator and test lump of metal with looky through hole.)
  11. Exactly what i was after. :D :D :D

    Can't thank you enough for that m8. It is appreciated, very much.
  12. Whats an NSN :?
  13. It's an abbreviation
  14. Yes yes yes 8O but an abbreviation of what ....

  15. nato stock number