NSN's Please

Snowed under at the mo and somebody is mivering me for these NSN's.

Liquid PTFE
Copper Grease
Silo Set
Sump Sealent

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Mate: phone NSN Guru in Glasgow guy called Alex Mcelland - sure he's posted on here his contact details on the big NSN thread, I phone he'll sort you out, top bloke : try 0044 141 224 2066
ANTISEIZE COMP A6 0286 (Copper Slip) DMC A831 8030 99 224 6794


Copper Slip Anti-Seize (Brush in lid) 8030-01-456-3838 454g
Err...very helpful Im sure, but:

1. There's a perfectly good NSN thread already.
2. When did it become acceptable to post peoples full names and telephone numbers on an internet site?

Dreadfully Dull (or dreadfully stupid) please delete those personal details from your post - unless it is actually you!

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