NSN's for PCS boots?

Discussion in 'Military Clothing & Boots' started by DogOrDie, Jul 8, 2013.

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  1. Anybody know the NSN's for the new brown boots? specifically 'Boots Patrol,YDS Kestral' and 'Boots Combat High Liability, Altberg and Haix' sizes 6 through 11. Pat on the back to the first correct answer.....=D:numberone:
  5. No idea, on leave so can't check. In the meanwhile here's a screenshot of the inside of my new Haix. Should be easy enough to work out the numbers for the other sizes from this (he says a little apprehensively) ;)


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  6. I always wondered what that meant.
  7. Basically demand is higher than they can than make them and or bicester is waiting for a job lot to be delivered. Its happening alot these days with everything from boots to vehicle spares.
  8. sweet as a nut! cheers matey....
  9. are the Altbergs made in the Richmond factory?
  10. Nah China.
  11. just on the original leaflet for the new boots they were call something else with altberg in brackets, I believed them to be altberg design made in spain
  12. I asked about that at the factory a few weeks ago, was told Altberg are making the boots but the other company are doing the distribution side of it. One of the other makes of boots on offer is the same, but I forget which.
  13. By "distribution" - putting on a lorry and taking to Donnington?
  14. Pretty sure they are made in Their factory in Italy. Distributed by a firm called Iturri which have the contract on most MOD footwear