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The XXX-99-XXX-XXXX means it was made in the uk.... i think.
Structure of the National Stock Number (NSN)
The configuration of the NSN is a 13-digit number, as the examples above show. It is composed of these overlapping sub-groups:

Federal Supply Group (FSG): Positions 1-2
Federal Supply Class (FSC): Positions 1-4
NATO Country Code: Positions 5-6
National Item Identification Number (NIIN): Positions 5-13
Serial Number: Positions 7-13

This is from the US explanation which can be found here:


But I'm sure it will map across to UK stuff in some way, shape or form.

An Overview
The NATO Codification System (NCS) is based on two principle Standardization Agreements (STANAGS). These are STANAG 3150, the Uniform System of Supply Classification, and STANAG 3151, the Uniform System of Item Identification. The NCS applies to two basic rules:

a. each item of supply will have a single unique number (ONE ITEM - ONE NUMBER)

b. the National Codification Bureau (NCB) of the producing country codifies the items of supply produced by that country, regardless of which country is the end user. This applies even if the producer country does not use the item.

The NATO Stock Number is made up of a 13 digit numerical code number, the example below uses NSN: 5905007345199 to show its construction.

is the GROUP, in this case 'Electrical and Electronic Equipment Components'

is the CLASS, in this case 'Resistors'

is the NCB Code, in this case 'The United States' (eg 12 = Germany, 14 = France , 99 = United Kingdom, etc)

is the Non Significant number which, with the NCB code, uniquely identifies the item

From the NCB intranet site

Halford - there may be a batch no elsewhere, but the cover has a number relating to that 'model'. Different sizes have different numbers, as do different 'models' or types. Batch matters not for an NSN.
A NATO Stock Number (NSN) is an identifier of 13 digits in length, composed of a 4 digit
NATO supply classification code and a 9 digit NATO item identification number (NIIN)

A number assigned by a country to each approved item identification under the NATO
Codification System (NCS). It consists of the two-digit code for National Codification Bureau
(NCB) followed by a seven digit non-significant number.

The Individual kit is specified to its own NSN


8470-99-4124305 ECBA size 3
8470-99-4124306 ECBA size 4

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