Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by fltpilot, May 1, 2010.

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  1. Might be a crap question but when did the Military start using NSN 13 digit numbers on it's clothing?
  2. If I remember correctly it was a Tuesday morning.
  3. Ha, ha!
    Will wait till work on Tuesday & ask the question to my QM!!
    Just wanted to know a bit quicker thats all!
  4. probably seeing as it stands for Nato Stock Number it might be when NATO was formed. Which was what year? (homework!)
  5. 4 April 1949!
    But thought it was a more "modern" thing!
    When the NATO countries got their act together over things!!!
  6. Quite a long time ago - NATO Codification has been running since the 50s.
  7. Your QM will kick you round the head if you ask him that, as if he knows, and if by the slightest chance in the world he does know, you need to kick him in the head.
  8. Why will the QM kick him round the head? He will know or one of his staff will know. (Lets face it, in most stores there is one spotter who can rattle of NSNs from memory and has loads of useless info for the most obscure and random shite.)
  9. :oops: