NSN skill at arms stuff

Guys, just been given a classroom and is the literal blank canvas., Spent 2 days emptying it or shite

Does anyone know the NSN's for ALL the posters for the exploded view or the internal mech or the SA80A2 and the weights/dimensions etc that you used to be able to get, I have asked the admin bods here but they've drawn a blank or haven't actually tried that hard. Also after the NSN for the panoramic for Target Ind lesson.
Also ANY other recruit type posters you know offhand Fieldcraft/Map & Comp) then please give me a shout out or anyone you can point in my direction that you know deals in this type of thing
appreciate it


Posters are usually classed as publications and don't have NSN's. Find someone with a Millie account for demanding publications or look it up yourself. Once logged in, there is a search function.
Yeah figured it'd be publications or something, but they've tried doing a search under various headings 'SA80' ' SAA Poster' etc and they're getting no luck, i'll ask about this Millie account see if anyone has something there we can look at

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