NSN Simulated suicide vest

illyrichards said:
LOL!!!! does it exist?!?! I'm a supplier and have never heard of such an item!! lol

And presumably if you had, you'd tell us "Stores are for storing" :wink:

(OBH - Don't know if it's been codified, it's a bit of an obscure item I suspect)
lol most likely!! unless you were exchanging for one that was beyond recognition :D lol (tbh I'm not so stuck up my own arse as some stores personnel.. )

Btw, those pis look like a softie with some sort of smoke bomb attached.. so would not need to replace whole item.. only cannisters
Why wouldnt it help lefty.. I always wanted to store :
A packet of jelly
Bicarbonate of soda
A plastic funnel
A glass or a test tube
Modelling clay
Food colouring
A jug
Vegetable or cooking oil
A spoon or a pipette

Why would we not hold these items?? I dont know..

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