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Discussion in 'REME' started by fltpilot, Apr 18, 2013.

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  1. You'd think so wouldn't you? You'd think something as basic as finding an NSN would be easily catered for by the very expensive DII, something similar to a search engine that worked would also be nice. So would a one stop site where all ES information is accessed (not just the VCB guff), somewhere important things like safety signals and changes in policy could be announced, better still somewhere you could set email alerts like the old BFG ES site.
    In an ideal world this information should be coming to us, it shouldn't rely on us having to go hunting around a massive system with a useless search engine trying to find things. You can't even do a matrix test on it........
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  2. Possibly not, but what you could do is request the full edition of MS Access through your Authorised Demander.
    Then download and open the MMPI data allowing you to view the data table and sort / search as required.
    Its still a big databse and not ultra fast, but its still quicker & more flexible then the front end for a few searches

    (Its a free application on the system so no costs to your unit. There are caveats to having MS Access in that you are not supposed to be developing local solutions that cause problems in the future when there is nobody left who understands your units critical MS Access database)
  3. What he said.

    Speak to your unit Dii nazi, tell them you need MS Access download the database (150mb).

    Receive weekly emails from Dii nazi complaining that your using several people's allocated memory.

    Ignore emails.
  4. Tell the dii nazi you're trying to do some proper work, and if he's worried about the space to create a share or group mailbox (complete with multi user role space) giving you the space to get him off your back, and anyone else who could use it access to the data you've downloaded for the unit

    I am my own dii nazi so don't have to worry about other ones

    Alternately rename each old edition for 'archive purposes' or 'business continuity' in case the current download fails. Then when he complains about space delete one
  5. Has your unit converted to MJDI yet? If so it has a very good NSN query system on it. You can speak to whoever your MJDI UA is and they can give you access which will allow you to use this system. Need any more info PM me.
  6. Nope although we will be soon.

    The MJDI course was brought up at prayers this week which caused our TQMS to start schimfing that it was longer than his Class 1 course much to everyone else's amusement.
  7. It's not though is it.

    Anyway, once you have MJDI get your TQ to add an account in your name as an enquirer.
  8. It is if your TQMS confuses the admin course with the user.
  9. when u can figure out MJDI come back, also please explain to MJDI if ammunition has a constraint and is Matcon E1 why it cant be issued on loan, because its banned !!
  10. MA course (user) is a week.
    UA (admin) is 2/3 days.
  11. I have no reason to doubt you as this is very much your bag. I'll be honest and admit my level of interest wanes somewhat when the provider of my AA batteries is wasting my time discussing the length of courses that I have no interest in. In all honesty I couldn't give a **** how long it is as long as someone is there to dish out coveralls, binbags and batteries.
  12. My level of interest dies when somebody asks me for some batteries and I then realise I'm a storeman in the army. Something went wrong somewhere.
  13. "Hello IT contractor, I'm the MoD"
    "Hello MoD, bend over again"
  14. I feel your pain but it could be worse mate.

    Take solace in the fact that promotion is far from competitive in your CEG. I remember when you were a crafty in training wanting to transfer. Look at you now, a fulscrew wanting to transfer! Don't worry mate before you know it you'll be in the mess then as long as you can walk and talk, a staffy on your first look.

    It beats working for a living.