NSN Question?

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by walting_matilda, May 11, 2008.

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  1. Hi
    Just a quick question,

    Is the ACF/CCF restricted to the different NSN they can get? I’m not talking about NVGs or starred items etc. but the basic stuff like polish or green string.

    I have been told that we can only get CS95 kit, cam paint and batteries?
  2. They will be scaled for what equipment they need. Ask about the scaling for ACF/CCF.
  3. Is that in the stores next to the long stand and the elbow grease!!!
  4. You're mistaking that with tartan paint :wink:
  5. Not having access to any documentation at the mo. Where can I find the scaling? I'm guessing it is on the army net right?
  6. Story about speckled paint.

    A fiend of mine was told to order 20,000 ltr of speckled paint as their ship came in for a refit. Being a sprog in the Navy, he never thought anything of it and off he popped to the Depot Stores, much to the amusement of the ships crew. A couple of weeks later a road tanker pulls up along side the ship with 20,000 ltr of speckled paint.
    Apparently speckled paint (the marking they used to use in public toilets) had been developed using two different densities and colours of paint, which is mixed and then sprayed.

    Don’t know how true this story is, as I was told it about 25 years ago – but I do like it.