Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by dutchcloggs, Apr 14, 2010.

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  1. Can anyone out there help me find a nsn for a hasp and staple to secure a cabinet?
    I presume its a consumable?
  2. HASP (PADLOCK) LARGE 29G 4658436 EA
    HASP (PADLOCK) MEDIUM 29G 4070106 EA
    HASP (PADLOCK) SMALL 29G 4070107 EA
  3. Thank you flynavy - I may have wrongly assumed a Hasp and Staple were the two elements required to fit across a cabinet before attaching a padlock. Can you advise the correct name i require?
  4. I just demand using those numbers, the padlock bit just refers to the size of the hole on the hasp that can pass thru, if you see what i mean.

    Any more stuff you need numbers for let me know
  5. :cheers: will try that.
    Thank you for the prompt reply hopefully i may assist you in the future too ;0)
  6. There is already a mahoosive NSN thread running that you may wish to add this detail too (unless it has been binned of course!!).
  7. Murielson, I am a newbie how do i go about it?

  8. CLICK on this link linky

    i have added the hasps to the big NSN list
  9. seen - thanks flynavy