NSN part number required!

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by Dodgy-Engr, Sep 18, 2005.

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  1. I need to get hold of a part number for a cargo net for a 110 FFR full length roofrack (if such a thing exists) Not had any joy from the QMs dept however they will order it if i can get the part number! Any arrsers got such info???
  2. Go and see your Signals Det - ours use them to secure their camouflage and concealment sets to the roof of their vehicles.
  3. Erm,, I am in the signals det!! Like i said, not much joy from the Q staff!
  4. Ah.

    In that case, I'll ask the RSWO!
  5. How did you get permission to put a roof rack on? Who do you have to speak to? Tried this , and got told "Dangerous modification" etc etc. The cargo net sounds lovely, if you raise the NSN , I'd be interested in upsetting Q staff too :)
  6. I've been down this road for over 25 years.If you use anything other than the official Land Rover roofrack and something happens you may be guilty of operating an unsafe and unroadworthy vehicle.It would be very good to see the right answer as I was very lucky to get away with the rattle-traps I put on top of my unit's LRs for a lot of years.
  7. and theres me thinking little red riding hood was a Russian condom!
  8. If you contact a unit that operate with USL's a fair bit (such as Joint Helicopter Support Unit) they sould be able to sort you out with life ex (2 years from date of first use) load nets, thats what is generally used for roof nets.
  9. Helpful stackers idea is the best one yet. I used to work in an airmobile unit and geuss what we used for strapping loads down?? the good old "retired"cargo net.

    PS. They're also great in your backgarden for kids to climb on..ahem
  10. Improvise, adapt and overcome.
    I've used strong fishing net and bungie rope in the past (suggested by my SSM). The same nets I made approx 6 years ago is still in use today. Makes me laugh when I'm asked for the NSN.
    If you do find a suitable cargo net please pass NSN on so I can replace fishing nets with official nets. Thanks!
  11. Try 1670-99-137-1052 and see if that's the fellow you're looking for.