NSN For Smock, Windproof

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by Carcass, Feb 9, 2007.

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  1. Hello chaps - had a search, couldn't find any answers to this, so here goes.

    Looking on Ebay, there's a bloke selling a 'Windproof Smock.' I asked for the NSN, he says its 8415-99-573-5265
    Could anyone just check this for me so I can see that the scrote isn't trying to rip me off? Cheers.
  2. Mate it comes up as Ponch,combat cloth,gaberdine,cotton,woodland
    Its worth just over £16
    So the answer there is no its not the smock
  3. What SCOC are you using? Comes up as gaberdine smock 170-180 96-104. Basic price of £22.47.
  4. 08/01/2007 just got given it mate it also says
    sgle breasted;attached hood w/cowl;c/w sleeves; 170-180 cm h; 96-104 chest
    but I have checked it to make sure bratty fingers has'nt struck
  5. Isn't that the new cbt95 windproof smock. Looks like it with those type of buttons. They're poo. Get yourself a proper windproof smock!
  6. Well, the sizes match, at least.
  7. Yeah, I thought that with the big map-pocket zips on the front. I thought it looked very like the standard field jacket, s'why I wanted to check.
    How come they're crap?
  8. They're nowhere near as 'windproof' as proper windproof smocks and they look like a cbt95 jacket with a hood on which is all they are!
  9. Fair enough. Where did you get yours?
  10. I was given it, but gave it away shortly after.
  11. Yes thats the new style windproof (with little avalanche locator pocket on the left arm), but as already mentioned, they're crap.

    If you want a 180/96 old pattern windproof smock the NSN is 8415-99-1379101.

    I think I've got about 6 spare ones stashed between my loft at home and my locker in work but they've all suffered the same problem, the sleeve wrists fall apart.

    The usual fix is to fit old wooly pully sleeves in place a'la the para smock but I've never got around to it.

    I might sell them all on fleabay one day with 'SAS' or 'RM' in the title for extra walt appeal.
  12. Depends on how much you want to cough up& what you want it for, I got the Modified thingy one that SASS & other folk are selling, great when running the Ranges, bugger when tramping across the hills even with 'pit zips'!
  13. just get ya self down to ATR(W) all the CROW are walking around in them now. But for CROW only,no way will the one eyed t@@t down the store give one to the PS cocknose!!
  14. 0034-99-093-1718 Smock combat camouflage windproof (modified) Woodland Size 130/120

    Number a bit faded so the 093 bit may be wrong. A MMPI (SCOC) check should clear it up.