NSN for SIG P226 cleaning kit

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by GLESGA-NED, Feb 4, 2011.

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  1. Looking for the NSN of the blue plastic cleaning kit that comes with the SIG P226. I have the CES from DR TDOL but it is a different type. Can't tell from SCOC. This cleaning kit maybe a one time issue from the company??

    Any help for this NSN is appreciated.
  2. One off issue with UOR P226, use DTOL for black sig cleaning kit.
  3. Agree with rugby guns- the blue tube cleaning kit is the standard one that comes with the pistol when new, as an aside what's wrong with just using the standard 9mm kit?
  4. Just use L9 cleaning kit - there is foooking loads everywhere. (And funnily enough - it fits!) ;-)
  5. L9 what a bog standard rod, oil bottle and flannelette. DTOL Sig comes with rod and brush's.
  6. L9 comes with rods and brushes, what the feck have you been cleaning them with up until now?
  7. There is 2 types of L9 pistol Cleaning Rod one with a flat end and slot for 4 by 2 and the other type has a screwdriver blade type end show how the ***k do you attach a bore or chamber brush harry black ? ChecK CES no brush's, you must be using GPMG Handle and Brush's,
  8. My mistake - no brushes in the AESP but I've always used one of the brushes from the SA80 - does the job. (B4 1005-99-179-9496 . BRUSH, CLEANING, SMALL ARMS (CES Item) 518NM53001 S 1 K3743)
  9. One on topic answer cheers.

    "Use a L9 cleaning kit", Well ******* cheers for that, I want the SIG cleaning kit NSN! I don't want to clean the ******* things.
  10. Well look for it yourself then you moody ****. Why do you want the cleaning kits if you don't want to clean the pistols?
  11. Aahhhh, you are special. Read the title to the Thread!

    If I wanted your opinion on cleaning I would have asked, as you are obviously the duty cleaning monkey. Take a real good step back and ponder, nay use the "Seven Questions" and estimate WHY I was looking for that specific cleaning kit. I can clean a UGL with a toilet roll; however my cunning adaptation might not hold water on a BOO/LSI/HOTO. Anyway you're 2 months late!
  12. 1. Then you will understand it is not in a AESP,CES,IPC,UHB. Even the SIG P Desk (Bic) could not find it.

    2. No. A useful NSN is: Batteries, blacknasty, brains.

    3. TEST: 1. ACOG (FIST) Eye piece NSN?
  13. I shall grab the number for you later - Just knocked off for the weekend, will grab it when I next wander past.