NSN for issue patrol/daysac?

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by PartTimePongo, Jun 23, 2006.

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  1. Anyone know the NSN for the issue Day/Patrol sac , or the manufacturer?
  2. That not rocket pouches?
  3. 8465-99-869-3875

    £22.80 through the system.

    I thought this might be more of your thing though:

    White, Plastic.
    NSN: 8445-99-122-3681 DMC: CH
    Specification: UK/SC/3588B D of Q: Each
    Cost Guide: £23.35 PPQ: 001
    Description: Bag Shoulder, Woman’s. White, plastic with grain finish. Trapezoid shape. With slide fastener
    closure, 2 main pockets and adjustable shoulder strap.
    Size Range: Single
    Additional Information:
  4. Thanks for the NSN ST2B . That's the Badger
  5. you didn't say which NSN was more useful :p
  6. the used ones on mr armysurplus are genuine but it appears the new kit is Webtex
    strike force supplies have the genuine kit but as regards the patrol sack i still undercut them by £5
  7. from the mrsurplus website

    DPM PATROL PACK (USED).....Genuine British Army Patrol Pack with 30 litre capacity. Side pouches have male/female clip not zip.

    DPM PATROL PACK (NEW).....Genuine brand new British Army Patrol Pack. Specification as above.....£50.00
  8. OK go buy one and see how long it lasts