Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by mongaloid, Jun 15, 2009.

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  1. A work related post as my first, apologies for that. I'm a civvy armourer at an MoD establishment and we have a couple of L7s as a legacy from times gone by but as our work is aircraft based whenever we have any gimpy work these days we tend to get supplied with Air Role Deriative guns. As a result our L7s don't get used much at all but a suggestion has been made to use them in blank firing role for training purposes, driven by the fact that the bloke with the ultimate say so is scared of his own shadow and won't let us fire ball into our perfectly good stop butt. (Which was designed for aircraft guns and during WW2 had a 6pdr (57mm) anti UBoat gun fired into it!)

    Now I've trawled through the AESPs and AC71058 but the only thing I can find is the NSN for the blank ammo guide plate 1005-99-9606549. The RAF small arms armoury here only has rifles and LSWs so they've not been able to help so it would be much appreciated if anyone here could furnish me with a good number for the BFA itself and even the spec of the yellow paint if they happen to have the info too.

    Thanks in advance.
  2. As a civvy armourer at an MoD establishment you should know that you are talking bollix
  3. Ravers

    Ravers LE Reviewer Book Reviewer

    I find an SA80 BFA will fit perfectly well on a Gimpy once it has been carefully modified with a lump hammer.
  4. At the risk of trying to sound helpful I do believe he is referring to the nut that screws onto the end of the barrel. If you have perfectly good live firing barrels there is no point in letting them go to waste and converting them to blank. Blank barrels can actually be demanded through the system.
  5. Blank barrels were (I think) condemned live barrels which had the flash hider replaced by the yellow nut.

    You need the NSN of a blank firing barrel
  6. If he can wait out until tommorow I'll bring the NSN in from work.
  7. Well thanks for the "helpful" comments from those that don't know the deep joy of working for a privatised former MoD agency, still this is ARRSE is it was to be expected I guess.

    We often have difficulty getting certain items through the military system these days so no it ain't as easy as just putting a demand in as we often get told to sod off even for stuff we need to keep aircraft kit going. Also as small arms are not my usual line of work, 27mm Mauser, 30mm ADEN and other aircraft armament role equipment are more my thing so no I wasn't aware blank barrels were available complete given that I've been unable to find any of the blank fire kit listed in the IPC. We have two extra older barrels that are pretty shagged which the reason for enquiring about the BFA nut as they would sacrificed to blank fire only.

    Thanks Vampire if you're able to help out there, much appreciated. It's not a show stopper just one of those little jobs I keep meaning to get sorted.

  8. C1 1005 13 010 0613 Firing Attachment Blank ammo L3A1 L Class
    C1 1005 99 967 1985 Plate Guide Blank Ammo L7A1 L7A2 C Class

    You need both items the top one replaces the flash eliminator, both come pre painted so when they look scruffy order more.

    Edited to add (although you may know this already) you need to overstamp the serial no and stamp "BLANK FIRE USE ONLY" on them, its what we have had done to ours and we use old barrels as well mate.
  9. I assumed this was an overstated wah.

    Anyone else told to nip off to disturb the NCO's after a range day and ask for a pull-through for the blank barrels?

    No, just me then.
  10. That's magic fellas, thanks for that, that'll keep the boss happy. Yep I was aware of the overstamping etc but thanks for the reminder nonetheless.

  11. With out teaching you to suck eggs, remind them to balance the gun.
  12. Not forgotten but never a bad thing to be reminded, cheers again.