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Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by bernoulli, Jul 18, 2007.

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  1. It's that time again folks, NSN of the day! I love BR 320..

    Who can come up with a stores number for the most obscure, macabre or bizarre item?

    I offer you POUCH, HUMAN REMAINS, O091 99 136 3665

    They are consumable as well, so you can keep them after you have emptied the dismembered body parts out of them into the nearest skip. I have just ordered 268,000 to flog as grow bags at the market :D
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  2. remember on global green screen, someone leaving put on 9" Black Mamba
  3. 1008-99-978-4562 dead man artic
    so hes dead and frozen in advance how handy is that!
  4. 1680-99-739-9452 SHARK REPELLANT

    Personally, I never leave home without it.....
  5. 1520-01-088-3669 - Aircraft, Helicopter, Transport, CH47D.

    Demand some today.
  6. 0513429 - Box

    ... That's it?
  7. 6550-01-176-0667 SEMEN DILUTING SOLUTION

    I sh1t you not.
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  8. Can anyone cross-reference this old number?


    You're well in if you can, it's a metal tube of 7 cigarettes!

    Bet there's still a NSN for cigarettes.
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  9. 2040-01-406-9352 TRUNK, ELEPHANT

    Makes you wonder what they do to wear out their original one.
  10. 6545-99-213--3044-Speculum, Rectal
    6545-99-110-1755- pen, black, BIC
    6545-99-391-9105-pencil, HB
    The one that makes me chuckle is the NSN list with its own NSN!
  11. 6515-01-485-0298 EMASCULATOR

  12. 6515-01-485-7192 CONDOM
  13. 6515-00-781-0771 CLAMP,PENIS

  14. 6665-00-166-2276 REFILL KIT,GAS ****

    I'll have to stop now!
  15. 6545-99-1101755 is nopt a pen on my NSN list