NSN and color details

How to determine beret color on a supply codes?
For example, green beret have NSN code (first line) as CF 8405-99-976-0181 (outerwear, man, beret, UK, Kangol Ltd) and (second line)SL 33B/4992.
But is this beret rifle green or RM green or made in UK for US ARMY special forces green?



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If its got a 99 number its not likely to be a US Army patern is it?

Are you trying to get a British style beret in US Army colour? If so what do you want?

I suspect your best bet would be to get a sample of the colour you need and send to a decent kit supplier and ask them to send you a beret in a si,ilar colour.

Drop Zone, SASS, Soldier of Fortune, John Bull are all good - they have ex-military staff. Do not have anything to do with Silverman's they'll send you a khaki beret or something equelly daft!
not taking the piss like, but you've put it through the SCOC disc yeah? I'm sure it usually says the colour on there.
Judging by his avatar I'd say Sgt_Alex is in Russia, and I'd guess that he's a collector who wants to identify something he's bought.

I believe the US special forces use Rifle Green berets, though originally of Canadian manufacture rather than British (and they're all American made nowadays). So now all you've got to do is figure out which shade of green you've got (don't forget AGC and Int Corps too).


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Check out JSP 753 if it’s not 753 I will re post tomorrow
Yes, of course, I'm from Russia. Not already an officer, but only re-enactor and collector now :)
Our web page is www.ukcoalition.net
I have bought in German surplus store a lot of UK unirorms for my team, including dark green and light blue berets.
Now I want to determine, is this dark green berets for RMarines or RGJackets, and ligth blue berets - for AAC or UN

Thanks for Help, Alex


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Interesting site Alex, not least because it's been too many years since I've battled my way through any Russian text.

The PIRA forum will prove a challenge too, never asked the man in the улица his opinion of the situation.

Just thought of the Russian for 'site' ! 8O
I'll be using that. :wink:
8405-99-976-0181 "Beret wool knitted rifle green light infantry and wrac all ranks 58cm circ inc headband"

Bit of a mouthful, but does that help?
Thank you.

What You can tell me about 8405-99-976-0180? The same pattern but 57 size?

But "8405-99-976-0181" why for WRAC? Now in JSP 336(3rd) Vol 12 Part 3 Pam 15 Sect 5 Annex C Serial 5: "Green, rifle - for QRH, Light Division, RGR, SASC" only?


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Without looking the NSN up I'd guess, going by the numbers, that it indicates the smaller size.

With regard to your second question, (if I understand it correctly,) the WRAC used the same colour and is not mentioned in the later Pam as the corps ceased to exist.
Do the SASC wear a rifle green beret? I thought it was Khaki.
Do your own intelligence work you lazy fecker...

What size is this? What colour does this come in? Who is the hereford based soldier in this picture? Is Hellfyyr as lazy and stupid as he appears online (answer - yes)?

If we cany read Pravda anymore then you can't use bored suppliers to answer your "special" research...

see his posts people!
Tartan_Terrier said:
Do the SASC wear a rifle green beret? I thought it was Khaki.
Rifle Green Berets, for the SASC!! They look just the same as the RGJ from a distance, a vaugley round silverish cap badge on a Rifle Green Beret, only thing that gives the SASC bunny away is the fact the beret is not worn at the extreme, over the left ear, flat cap, one eye showing jaunty angle. Oh and the SASC have a different and dodgy looking stable belt... and the SASC dont tend to march any where....

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