NRSA in Hereford

Somebody has told me you can only claim £69 a night in the hereford area but trainers are asking for £80 which is alloud in some places
What's the score? Anybody?
Resettlement course or something different?

You need to ring the relevant messes to get a non availability certificate of accommodation. Once done you then book your nearest hotel through HRG, getting a booking ref. If you need an advance then apply for it on JPA, else pay the bill then claim it back on JPA.

If messing facilities are available within a 50 mile radius you are mandated to use them as its probably a PAYD facility. Else keep receipted actuals for lunch and dinner, to be taken at lunch and dinner timings as your hotel will no doubt be booked as B&B. You are allowed 1 Alcoholic drink with your evening meal ie 1 drink not a bottle or a jug of beer.

All details available in JSP 752
Codger if it is for resettlement and the accommodation is tied to the training, ie over weekends, extra study etc, then you can claim the £80 per night they are charging. As an addition to what Bipolar advised you, £69 is the max per night for accommodation if you book it yourself (with a non-availability cert), if however the accomm is booked through HRG then the limit is set by them, ie could be £100 per night. If as I stated it is resettlement and the accomm is tied BECAUSE of training then you will not require a non-availabilty cert. Hope this helps, any more advice just PM me.
Hereford eh? Check your certificate on completion of course.
I once passed through an American sponsored office in Algeria with Hereford trained certs adorning the walls, all of them issued by the 'South Hereford Institute of Technology'.
Resurected an existing thread rather than start a new one, I'm looking at a resettlement course which offers accom nearby at the resettlement rate (how coincidental). If non-availabilty chits are required from all nearby messes, where is there a central list? I have absolutely no idea what units/garrisons or the like are anywhere near the location I'm interested in. All ideas welcome
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