Discussion in 'Lonely Hearts' started by Lady_M, Feb 27, 2006.

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  1. Position: Captain of my heart :)
    Core competences: Essential - single straight male. Must demonstrate an excellent ability to be honest, caring, affectionate, pleasant, mature, stable, be able to spell and string a sentence together and understand the rules of engagement regarding the conduct of a gentleman e.g. don't leave the flippin' toilet seat up! :wink:
    Desirable: Aged 40-48, height 5"8 min 5"10 max, silver/shaved hair and blue eyes preferred. Moustache optional. Must have broad shoulders and be athletic e.g. be able to carry me up the stairs to bed. These broad muscular shoulders should not be used for carrying excess past baggage. Capricorn or Taurus guaranteed to pass sift stage. Location: Yorkshire. Duration: Depending on performance. Any interested applicants please contact Lady_M for more info. Former or serving members of RRF need not apply. :wink:
  2. 2 quick questions, how much does it pay & whats the holiday entitlement ?
  3. So why are you after a Not Really A Proper Soldier ?

    Won't a real one do?

  4. Sounds the spit of my ex (40, 5ft 10), silver/shaved hair, piercing ice blue eyes. However, the bugger always leaves the toilet seat up though lol :roll:
  5. Sparkysapper: Non-reserved permanent service...implication being??? That's right...not interested in a casual fling...Idon't do sex without love and like the song goes 'You can't hurry love...' Are there any proper soldiers out there? Ones who truly believe in honour, courage and honesty and all that sort of thing....????!!!

    Risingtrout: pay would be the most pleasure you've ever had in your life (I know how to look after a man hee hee!!) and holiday entitlement would be Sunday mornings in bed (minimum and providing we were both in the same country at the same time :wink: )

    ok... my ex is RRF and I work with a few Fusiliers and they all seem to be cold arrogant heartless bigots...once bitten twice shy...

  6. I genuinely hope you find your man. Im sure he's out there somewhere, good luck.
  7. Arrgghh now i get it you just want a permanent serviceing.

    Not a Non Regular Permanent Staff. :):)
  8. Lady_M you will have to give a proper sitrep before any one would venture into unknown territory,ie whats the conditions like?is it hard going or pretty laid back? can it be approached during day light hours or best left till after dark
  9. re the carry up stairs how heavy are You ?Metric and imperial please !!!!
  10. Its very, very nearly me, I'm even from Yorkshire and I put the toilet seat down. Just one year too young and one inch too tall!
  11. I am still concerned about the stairs are you a two man lift ? hands on lift up....
  12. Perfect!!! There you go Lady_M!! Can you make allowances for the:

    a) Being a Yorkshireman :wink:
    b) One year to young
    c) One inch too tall

    Surely he must get a Brucie bonus for putting the toilet seat down though?
  13. Gentelman, many questions!

    Hmm, the stairs shouldn't be a problem for a fit bloke, I weigh approx 9 stone that's 59kgs for you metric lads...sorry to be so picky but I'm only 5"2 so I don't want to be getting a crick in my neck looking up at some huge fella, or for him to be permanently looking up my nostrils hee hee!

    Rhodesian, where abouts you from? I was born in Salisbury...but I don't do the whenwe thing when we camped at Mopani Bay, when the terrs blew up the Shell depot, when we had cordon and searches on First street...aah, the good old days.

    Sandmanfez: are you single???!!

  14. Im working in the middle east we don't have toilet seats - apart from that I may possibly fit your desired description - I also hail from Gods country although a Scorpion may be too much for you to handle.
  15. Wey heyyyy!!! Sandmanfez, work it baby, work it.

    Lady_M, I see your point about looking up the nostrils lol. Not a good look lol.