NRPS to FTRS - Effect on Redundancy

I am enquiring on behalf of a friend to try and get some clarity on his situation, he has just left NRPS on redundancy but is now looking at rejoining under FTRS. He states if he does so he will have to repay his Redundancy Payment, I am aware of the Defence Council Instruction,

The Reserve Forces Non Regular Permanent Staff (Redundancy
Scheme) Regulations 2012
However, he would like to know if he blows the lot on a mortgage for example, would he have to pay back in instalments should he go ahead with the FTRS role? Or would the total amount be required before any FTRS contract was offered. Hoping somebody out there has experience in this matter.
Without being horrible, why doesn't he just get a civvy job in the real world, plan for the future, and keep the redundancy payout?
His decision, I'm just doing the digging for the old dinosaur.


Pretty sure his pay would be abated, by how much I'm not sure.

He should contact the Bde/Div that's advertising the post. Alternatively he could ring APC Glasgow and speak to the Reserves dept. Don't bother speaking to the unit as in my experience they'll tell him anything that springs to mind without checking the facts.

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