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Can anyone tell me if the insurance scheme covers accidents at work? I have asked my unit to look into it but I'm still waiting for an answer.
Yes, there is an insurance scheme that is put out annually (usually just before the the start of the new Trg Year) by your local RFCA to units.

It covers 'off duty' risks. This means that if you are injured in training you're covered by the military, but if you fall out of the mini - bus at the guardroom at daft o'clock fresh from a massive p*ss-up, or if you sustain a fracture whilst having an unsuprevised kick-about outside the block before scran, your're not covered by the military. This is where the insurance comes in.

It is open to TA and to NRPS. The top option costs about £18-00 per year and gives your NOK £100k if you cork it, or a certain amount paid to yourself for injuries.

Your PSAOs / RAOs have the details. They should, if they've got their sh*t in one sock distribute it around the unit annually, collect the cheques, and then send 'em off the RFCA.

The whole thing is under-written by AIG who run Pax and RPAX. ( US AIG is in the financial sh*t, however the UK / European arm is OK)

Go in to your TA Centre and ask. If you get f*cked off, go to the telephone directory and phone your local RFCA and ask them. Once you have the information, tell them that your unit has been less than helpful, then stand back and what the PSAOs Blood Pressure rise.

Seriously, this is an important issue and anyone who has had to delve into the byzatine system that is Chapter 8 of TA Regs (Disability Allowance), will tell you that it is not an easy ride. So DO NOT accept that it's too late to get this insurance, or come back next Drill Night. Stand your ground and ask for an OCs interview to state your case.


Hope this helps. :D

and is ope


Thanks Scabbers. I have the insurance but as I've just had a really bad accident at work requiring an operation that will keep me out of the game for some time, I was looking to see if the insurance covered me so I didn't have to claim against the MoD.

Unfortunately your answer suggests injury lawyers for you are about to get some business coming their way :roll:

Damn, now I belong to the compensation culture :x
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