Discussion in 'The Training Wing' started by Englishspringer, Nov 20, 2006.

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  1. Sorry if this has already been posted, but I couldn't find a post asking the same question. :?

    Having read the MATTs notes, I'm not sure what level is applicable to NRPS. I am aware that NRPS are TA and should be completing MATTs :) , but they are also in non-deployable posts (but not always HQs). I may also not be alone in not having a personal weapon allocated to me (as far as I am aware that is!).

    Would appreciate a definitive answer, especially from TA policy setters if possible. 8)

    I've asked the same question on ArmyNet, but had no reply as yet :cry:
  2. It is down to COs discreation wether or not NRPS do MATTs training. Give the TM/OPs Major a call and see if he/she can shed any light.
  3. If you're looking for a guide, then follow whatever the troops in your location are doing.
  4. I've never seen any NRPS wearing Berets, let alone doing any military training. I'd laugh my arrse off if I ever saw them doing a CFT or going in the chamber.
  5. As expected, a chorus of bollox as usual. :x Even the silence on Armynet is preferable to the moaning & snide remarks you get on here in response to a genuine question. :p
  6. And I gave you a genuine answer ya muppet!
  7. NRPS are non-deployable creatures, they even need special permission to be taken out of the country for annual camp

    As non-deployables - they are Level three, if they have to do MATTS at all
  8. i have our NRPS MTWO as much as you dont like him stabby does do a fair bit of mil trg and he has deployed on ops as an NRPS and you did see one wearing his beret in september becuase you were standing next to me when i saw him wearing it so you have just lied
  9. too fat to run me!!
  10. I hope as NRPS I can reciprocate to your misfortune on a CFT or the chamber and laugh my arrse off at you and your like as you wallow in your military ignorance. As an Ex Reg of 22 years and being in an NRPS post for 2 years I find that there is a huge amount of ignorance as to what the NRPS does. The TAC, contrary to popular belief, runs 7 days a week, and not just on a Tuesday night and a couple of weekends a month!

    The facilitators for this function are the NRPS and Civilian Day Staff. The NRPS take a huge workload off the TA in general and allow them to concentrate on their primary function of training. I personally haven`t seen many TA being actively involved in TAC H&S issues, RFCA Real Estate Management, TA Administration and Pay, Discharge procedures etc etc.

    Whilst the NRPS contract enables an individual to serve until 60 years of age, lets not forget that the NRPS is paid no X Factor and is non deployable and is not entitled to many benefits granted to both TA and Regular soldiers.

    Within my Regiment, there is a greater degree of understanding between the different facets of Army Employment groups (NRPS, Civil Service, TA and Regular) and with that comes respect.

    If you take your enjoyment from seeing a 60 year old experienced NRPS soldier undertaking tests to validate "fitness to deploy", which incidentally will never happen, then you must get out more!!!!

    Be careful for what you wish for, as a 45 year old grey haired NRPS kicking a 25 year old TA soldiers arrse on a BPFA, CFT and displaying a comprehensive knowledge of military tests due to instructing on them in his 22 year regular career may be highly embarrasing!!!!!

    PS. Most NRPS are coursed up on G2, G3 and G4 functions to a high standard depending on their job role.

    Edited for carp spellig
  11. Sorry Roughytoughty - stay off the choci biccies.

    Mad-Mac. agree with you on most comments.

    I would love to make it compulsory for all TA to undertake a two week camp In-Barracks. Just to prove how hard the Civil Servants, NRPS and PSIs work on behind the scenes.

    Contrary to common rumour - weekends for the TA are not createds by magical pixies with bags of pixie dust and magic.
  12. Cheers for that info Bedpan, however as you are obviously aware x factor is made up of diferent elements of fark about factors....deployability being one of those elements. Others are unsocial hours, duties and anything else that gets thrown at you.
  13. Mate I'm NRPS and I've probably done more CFT/BFT/BPFA/APFA/Tabs/speed marches/patrol competitions etc than you've changed the water in a washer bottle (sorry thats an A job - but you know what I mean).

    We're not born NRPS funnily enough we're all ex reg/TA Offr, Wo's and SNCO's who have had a full career.