NRPS Matters?

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by Plumduff, May 31, 2005.

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  1. Would just like to get the feelings of any other NRPS who are in ARRSE. For that matter don't mind if any others pass comment (Please get your facts right first!) about this section of the TA.
  2. Whats NRPS all about then? Are you TA or Long Service bods?
  3. Biscuits AB - Thanks for asking about NRPS. It's short for Non Regular Permanent Staff. In each TA Unit there is a small cadre of soldiers and officers who (generally) have completed their colour service (be it 22 years for soldiers or whatever for officers. The soldiers usually hold positions as MTWOs, RQMS, RAOWO, Trg SSgt or SQMS although there are also storemen and other trades too. The officers are generally employed as RAOs or PSAOs (Permanent Staff Admin Officers). Thye are all actually permanent members of the TA. Interestingly enough the Two categories of troops in the TA are TA (Volunteers) (the Drill Night and weekenders) and TA (NRPS). The NRPS are what you might call the continuity in a TA unit and the Regulars who get posted in are the bunch who keep the unit up to date I suppose. Whereas the Long Service List or Extended Service mob are still drawing their normal wages and accruing a larger pension and are still regular soldiers, the NRPS are on wages with no X factor (very touchy subject here!) but already draw their Regular pension. Theoretically (but actually according to MOD!) the NRPS are Monday to Friday, 9 to 5 and are not expected to work unsociable hours, deploy into the field or go on trg weekends or annual camps. This does vary between units and sometimes individual choice, but as I said earlier this is an immovite subject. Hop this explains a little about this rather odd but essential bunch of characters!
  4. Ref to my NRPS ditty - To all who might think I can't spell apologies but just got back from long recce on the Plain and live in the Midlands! B*ll*x'd!
  5. Tongue in Cheek

    NRPS Not Really Proper Soldiers :wink:

    Or No Running, P.T.or Swimming :roll:

    A half decent one is worth his weight in gold. just a Quick Question
    , how is it that the NRPS jobs are not advertised within the Batt. / regt. ??
    so TA soldiers can apply , I was tipped off by an Ex nrps of ours that he was moving on an he helped me to apply , got to the board but no further
    wouldnt mind that job, CUSHTY
    P.S. Welcome aboard
  6. For BT,

    Thanks mate.

    NRPS are actually recruited by the local brigades. The board usually consist of bde staff and bde unit officers although the unit who needs the post filled only provides an independant observer who has only a small amount of input at the "grading" of candidates. TA soldiers can apply for the jobs, I know of a couple of my counterparts in other units who joined the NRPS without any reg service. The jobs are few and far between, I reckon there's only 5000 all ranks in it. There is a probationary period of one year and then you have to sign on every three years afterwards. The NRPS accrues a pension much the same as a regular, you becom eleigible at 55yrs of age but don't get it until 60. Most NRPS leave at 55yrs of age but there are still quite a few who stag on until 60!!!!!!!!!!!
  7. NRPS are worth their WEIGHT in gold!
  8. Cheers PP.
  9. OC and PSAO in a Sqn/Coy pretty much the same as Chief Executive (OC) and Managing Director (PSAO) in a business. Suppose the PSI counts as HR Director.

    Saves the old "2 cocks fighting over a wee midden" scenario if everyone buys into it.
  10. Cheers Yaris! I know some who'd be fcuking millionaires by now, not me of course (although I'd possibly be able to buy a Ferrari at the moment, despite only trying to afford a mini!) LOL!
  11. I've heard that a lot of vacancies are coming as the original NRPS are all coming to the end of their contracts (original NRPS started ?? years ago and they are close to retirement - my regiment has all NRPS(SQMS) replaced within the last two years)
  12. In one of my old units, 289 Cd Bty RA, the PSAO was my old Battery Sgt who got a commision and became BK. An excellent soldier and I wish I had him at my last unit - an ex reg RSM who got a Q Commision and was a right pain in the ar5e!
  13. It's worth keeping an eye out for the ads in Bde and Gsn Routine Orders if that's the case guys! Don't forget, if you miss the job it's not likely to come up again for another 15 years or so!
  14. If there are any other NRPS out there can you tell me if you deploy into the field at any time? Do you go on annual camp? Do any of you do duties? Or how about going on annual camp? I know it varies from unit to unit in relation to what they expect of the NRPS, although I suspect it's a case of many guys not being able to see things go to pot (it's that old loyalty thing again isn't it?) I know of many units that don't actually say to its NRPS "Sorry mate, you're not doing anything other than 9-5, Mon-Fri, 'cos you don't get paid for it". Any feedback out there!
  15. In my unit NRPS rarely deploy in the field although some do for dept training. They usually go to annual camp but are not expected to do duties.
    There are 2 rates of TA pay and NRPS get the lower rate, they also do not get any % of the X factor so its a case of Not Really Proper Stabs :lol:
    If you do get a chance of going for an NRPS post, go for it. Remember though its a job not a career ie, the rank you start with is the rank you end with unless the orbats change..