I am thinking about applying for a NRPS position which has come up in my local TA centre. I have been out for about 18 month now (after my 22)and am currently employed. I have a pretty decent civillian CV but I understand the CV submitted for NRPS should be a military CV. Having never submitted one of these before I am just after a bit of advice on the layout and content etc.

If anyone has any good advice on what to include or even an example (no names), it would be much appreciated. Thanks in advance.

Were you a reg or did you do your 22 in the TA?

If you were a reg then contact the Regular Forces Employment Association and your Employment Consultant will go through the application with you.

If you were TA then I have no idea. Sorry mate.
find out how long the post is for as they are phasing out nrps jobs in the not too distant future


as i understand it - the normal term of a contract these days is only 5 years.
thats why they are having trouble employing people.
The post is Accn Sgt, I finished regular service as a SSgt (SQMS). I understand about the 5 yr contracts but then what job in civvy street is 100% secure anyway. Thanks for the tip about RFEA, I will look into that.


I was out a couple of years before applying for an NRPS job and had the same dilema. All I did was produce a CV that was the same as my civvy one but concentrated on my military service. Usual stuff max two pages, make sure you cover the JD within your CV to ensure you get yourself an interview. Its up to you then. Seemed to work for me, the fact you have been out for a couple of years I believe gives you an advantage over someone coming to the end of their colour service because you have seen a bit of civvy life and so can see it from the TA perspective but have not lost your military currency. Good

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