nrps art veh pay

I have just been told that the nrps art veh post i have applied for is high band, yet all other post of this type are currently paid on the low band ssgt, i have tried without luck to get a definitive answer, can anyone help
If the post is shown on he establishment as Art Veh you should be paid in the relevant, higher, range. We have a number of higher range NRPS pers at our place although no Art Vehs. Best bet would be to have a word with the RAWO at a REME TA unit - should be able to give you the definitive. If you don't get any joy drop me a PM and I'll do a bit more digging when back in work (not back until tue next week)

Davros, if the post you have applied for is advertised as High Band, then High Band it will be. The job description you must have asked for when applying :? should tell you the annual pay.

My job, NRPS AQMS, is high band, a lot of SSgt REME jobs are not artificer posts, hence the difference in pay.
The salary was not advertised, it stated salary was in line with ta regs, i have now received acknowledgement from the unit that its high band, but as far as the pay evaluation people are concerned all nrps are on low band, so the saga goes on.

The trade NRPS soldier is lower band if, however, the job you are doing is in a trade which is paid at the higher band that is what you will receive as long as you are suitably qualified. Cannot get hold of TA regs at the moment but, I'm sure it will be covered in there (I will come back with reference ASP). Like I said before we have a number of NRPS paid at the higher band.


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