NRPS allowances under JPA (or lack of them)

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by boicey, Mar 9, 2006.

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  1. Any NRPS out there with any info on the cunning plan to knock our allowances (especially RPOD) on the head under JPA?
  2. The existing Residence to Place of Duty (RPOD) and Recompense in Lieu of Relocation (RILOR) allowances will be amalgamated into one HDT allowance. Different rates will be retained for those in private and public accommodation. HDT rules will be de-linked from the Relocation package, to enable personnel to claim both elements.

    Subsistence allowances will be simplified into 3 elements: Night Subsistence (NS) (including the option for Privately Arranged) Day Subsistence (DS); and Incidental Expenditure (IE). Travel allowances will be standardised across the three Services. For most personnel, travel and subsistence allowance claims will no longer require counter-signature, and JPA self-service submission of travel and subsistence claims will deliver payments to individuals’ bank accounts within days rather than weeks.
  3. Darth, thank you - as succinct a reply as I could wish for so far as the allowances themselves are concerned. My concern is not so much the allowances themselves as my entitlement to them; as NRPS currently I get RPOD but as TA (ish) have to claim manually. It is the rumoured loss of this entitlement under JPA that concerns me.
  4. It is not a rumour anymore !!! - see LINK