Nrps acting rank

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by 303rifleman, Jan 9, 2013.

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  1. Can NRPS Be granted:
    a. Acting rank
    b. Get pay of a higher rank,

    my interpretation of TA regs is No to a and only for the period of TA Camp for b at TA Rates of pay. any experts out there? with the text book answer.
  2. Pay

    6.113. Conditions of pay are laid down in para 9.001 and in JSP 754.

    6.113A. Substitution Pay.

    a. When, through the absence of a regular or a TA soldier, an NRPS Soldier is required to perform the duties of a position carrying one rank higher than that of his own position he may, subject to the approval of the Div/Dist Commander, be granted substitution pay for any such duties performed for the whole period of camp. Approval is normally to be obtained before proceeding to camp. Such substitution pay, when appropriate, is to be at TA rates.

    b. Additionally, substitution pay may be granted to a NRPS soldier who performs the duties of a regular soldier in a position established one rank above in circumstances similar to those for which substitution pay is currently authorized for the Regular Army.

    c. Regulations governing the payment of substitution pay to personnel who fulfil the conditions described above are laid down in JSP 754, Chapter 3, Section 8.

    An NRPS soldier cannot be given Acting Rank as their appointment is not rank ranged.
  3. What edition of TA Regs is this from? as Para b above is not in the edition on DII or have I missed something
  4. It's on the one available for download from ArmyNet (amendment 35 Sept 2011). However I'd recommend you use Dii to check JSP 754 as that's more than likely what your unit pay wallah will refer to rather than the ever changing (and totally unannounced) TA Regs.

    Unfortunately Dii is no longer available to me!