NRPS 75 redundancy on the cheap or is it constructive dismissal

Discussion in 'Armed Forces Redundancy Scheme 2010' started by Shropshirelad, Aug 13, 2012.

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  1. Just heard about the intention by the powers that be to finish off the NRPS 75 personnel at there next contractual engagement point , when i gave up my civvie job 18 months after finishing 22year colour service i was offered the NRPS 75 position where i currently am now , which i was lead to believe would be safe until i was 60 , obviously with certain proviso,s , fitness , matts ( at a certain level ) above B grade on SJAR etc ! I have just found out that the T***ers are now intending to change that contract !
    Oh and just NRPS soldiers , not officers of course , bloody typical , cant wait to be dumped at 54 years old , W**kers !

    I would be interested to hear from other NRPS 75 guys , and does anyone know how many NRPS 75 are still serving ?

    Pee,d off
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  2. Tough! That is all!
  3. Why are you so upset? Is it happening before your contract expires? Or are they simply not renewing the contract?

    If its the first I can sympathise, if it's the second, then you're being very short sighted.
  4. Yes it will leave me about 4 years short and no not short sighted at all , i had a good job with the local council where i live and was head hunted for a particular post by a Div Staff officer , it would not be so bad if i was an officer but i am not , i will have the option to move to FTRS i believe but with no med dental , and an abated pension , short sighted no , bloody angry , yes ! Especially with the doubling of the TA by 2020 !
  5. Do you really believe the TA will double by 2020?

    It might increase 5 - 7%.
  6. So, if you're still in contract you will receive redundancy.

    There's no point getting fuming about it, I know it's probably scary as your 6349 years old,but your attributes will be massive and greatly appreciated out there.

    How's your welfare head?. If you want to stay in military type circles that's the place to be.

    Alternatively know you're better than everyone else going for that job at B&Q and grab it, you'll be I/C taps and shower heads before you know it ;-)
  7. and you put this in the INT CORPS thread why...?
  8. **** me someone's woken CR up, and he's not happy!
  9. hey, i'm on leave and somebody has been crayoning overnight.

    at least i don't wet the bed.
  10. To piss you off. Has it worked?
  11. Neither do I, Tena for men are a godsend!:)
  12. Shropshire Lad:

    NRPS 75 Officers have a binding contract to the Normal Retirement Age (NRA) and before you start down the hard pressed "poor bloody soldiers" theme, you must surely have realsied in your extensive military career that Officers do have different TACOS which by and large reflect their resposibilities and this is the same for ALL officers be it TA and Regular - except that the TA has a later Normal Retirement Age (NRA) at 60.

    As in the Regular Army, soldiers have a different career model and although you may THINK that you have an expectation to serve up until age 60, why is it (do you reckon), that you have to re-enage in accordance with Part 4 of Ch5 of TA Regs ? It says that you MAY be extended UP TO 4 years at a time - not WILL be extended.

    Now, if your are agrieved - and from the tone of your post I think you are, then think of your Regular counterpart being made redundant before his or her pension point looking at a diminsihing employment market, a housing stock that is beyond reach of many in financial terms, a really sh*te education system that will not do the kids any favours and a creaking's bleak isn't it ?

    You, on the other hand have been fortunate enough to be selected on NRPS 75 TACOS which are pretty generous, especially in being able to draw your former Regular Army pension as well. I would go as far to assume that your're pretty well established in accn terms because NRPS simply have to have their own accn. Yes, you get Med and Dent, but why ? Your TACOS only allow for your call-up in the UK Channel Islands or Isle of Man ? FTRS (HC) don't have that luxury, they have to rely on an NHS Provider.

    But times have moved on. The NRPS are an expensive employment option and in the cold light of day I'm afraid that just like the Regular Army, sacrifices have to be made even if it seems counter-intuitive to deplete the NRPS just when there is a push to ramp up TA recruiting.

    I would suggest that you calm down a bit because this option has not yet been promulgated as policy. The runes are not looking good for the NRPS 75 personnel, in this I'm inclined to agree, however, until the future comes clear under Army 2020 it's probably best to just wait until the CofC releases their plan. If your job converts to FTRS (HC), then there is nothing to stop you applying for it, at least you will get a salary but your Reg pension will remain dormant until you sack it. On top of that you will get your NRPS 75 Pension and a Reserves Pension for FTRS Service.

    Until then, if you do get a job in B&Q have you got a stop - cock for a 1967 Avacodo Green Toilet Cistern ?
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  13. Shropshirelad, are you ex-Corps? or just really interested on the INT CORPS opinion of your predicament?
  14. ..........................................Welcome to Civvy Street!

    NRPS......Jobs for the boys!

    My heart pumps piss!!!!