NRA Prohibition Notice


"In October 2009 there was an incident at Bisley when a Montana 1999 action made in stainless steel suffered a breech explosion and catastrophic failure of the front receiver ring. Fortunately, nobody was seriously hurt. The NRA has carried out a technical investigation on the rifle, including obtaining a metallurgical analysis.

As a consequence of this incident and pending full consideration of the information generated by the NRA's investigation, *the use of stainless steel Montana 1999 actions on Bisley ranges is prohibited until further notice*.

The NRA will pass its concerns to the manufacturer and is in communication with the Birmingham Proof House. The prohibition will be reconsidered in the light of any advice received from these two sources.

Owners of Montana firearms with such actions are invited to supply contact details to the Secretary General so that the NRA can pass on any advice with minimum delay.

It is emphasised that this prohibition applies only to stainless steel Montana 1999 actions. Montana actions made in 4140 CrMo steel are not included in this prohibition."

Unfortunate to say the least and may be a one off but better safe than sorry
Is this just a typical NRA overreaction, like the 155 grain bullets in Enfield rifles thing?

It also goes to show that in this day and age proof is a complete waste of time...


It just goes to show that enough pistol powder in a rifle case can break even new stainless actions!
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