NRA Open Day Bisley Saturday 29th April 2006

Discussion in 'Sports, Adventure Training and Events' started by Henry_Tombs, Apr 25, 2006.

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  1. This Saturday the National Rifle Association will open it's doors to the public so they can come in and have a go at anything from Archery, Air Rifle, Shot gun, Laser Clays, Target Rifle, Gallery Rifle, Sporting Rifle, Historical Rifle (visit Henry on the Lee Enfield Rifle Association site!) and lastly Black Powder Pistol for you Wyatt Earp types.
    All shooting will be carried out under a one to one tution basis in a vain attempt so none of the Range Officers get shot this year, so if you want to have a go with the rifle your Grand Father stormed Montecassino with here's your chance!

    Poppy will you be there?
  2. Sounds interesting already, got a story to tell Henry? :D
  3. do u have to pay to go in ? what the address ? i believe there is 2 bisley in the UK , i dont want to drive to the wrong one lol
  4. Em... that'll be the one with all the firearms, then.
    Listen for the 'bangs'.
  5. Indeed. Two seconds on google to find:

    Not exactly difficult to find... :p

  6. its going to be a good day, one of the highlights of my year. 8)
  7. ugly

    ugly LE Moderator

    I was called last night and asked to assist with the LERA/HBSA stand and point. Unfortunately I will be driving my kids to Nottingham to bowl in the ten pin UK youth Nationals. I am apparently supposed to spend time with my family!
    I will however be at the LERA/HBSA miniature match may 20th and I will win again (well something). Challenge set down. Being the RO helps!
  8. No :( it is annual camp..............