NRA open day at Bisley tomorrow

Discussion in 'Shooting, Hunting and Fishing' started by SecurityGeek, Sep 4, 2009.

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  1. Anyone going to be there? Would be interesting to put some faces to names.
  2. There will be at least two Arrsers DS-ing on one of the stands. A free .303" cartridge case if you can correctly ID them.....
  3. I may not have had chance to meet anyone there but should any of them frequenting these forums come across this thread I would like to say thank you for your time organising and running today.

    Although I may have been out shot, out gunned and generally proved to be a worse marksman than my six year old daughter (laser clay),my 15 year old son (1000yd, running deer), my wife (1000yd, 300yd). I had a thoroughly good day. My saving grace being pistols and muzzle loading shotgun.
    Admittedly the latter was down to the fact that I was the only one daft enough to fire the 4 bore (sore shoulder, huge grin:)).

    A stunningly good day was had by all. Thank you.

    Editted to add.

    A particular thank you to the guy on the pistol stances who explained to me how to adapt a .22 Ruger to allow a 6 year old to fire it comfortably. My daughter is now not happy with her doctored stock air-rifle and wants a .22 to shoot with. Good girl she is, only a few more years till she breaks my heart :_(
  4. I didn't see this before the day. However, I was in the HBSA marquee on Century. I was one of the two people who each had a selection of Lee-Enfields. One of the big hits, even without ammunition (ho ho ho), was the Mauser anti-tank rifle.

    The queue for Historic Shooting was about thirty to forty strong from about ten past nine until I left at four - tired but happy, like everyone else.
  5. I was coaching on the point from 9 to 5. I got through 180 rounds which, at 5 rounds per punter, was 36 punters. Hard work - teaching 36 people to shoot from scratch, one after another! I only had about two or three who had fired a full bore rifle before, and not many more who'd shot any type of firearm or air rifle.

    As usual, the best "amateur" shots tended to be women (full credit to them: c.8" groups at 300yds with a Jungle carbine!), the scariest were the old boys with severe visual impairment and/or deafness, the most exasperating were some of the young 'uns who simply couldn't comprehend that they need to take hold of the rifle and shoot the bloody thing at the target.

    This last was a bit disturbing - young blokes who had evidently never even played at "aiming a gun" as a kid, let alone had a go with an air rifle or something. I guess this is the result of society demonising shooting sports and discouraging boys from traditional masculine attitudes....
  6. ugly

    ugly LE Moderator

    I used to coach at these events regularly, bringing rifles to display as well but the NRA got my goat about 3 years ago by refusing to provide a packed lunch for my opldeast lad then aged 15 even though he was helping, issuing tickets and sorting the queues etc.
    I went a couple more times but have given up on the NRA entirely!
  7. Such mean spirited behavior does tend to typify the thinking.

    But maybe No.1 son did better by not copped a lunch. Last time I was there the NRA "free lunch" consisted of a claggy industrial cheese product based roll, packet of Dead Sea crisps with extra salt, melted choccy bar and a bottle of water, in my case enhanced by the piquant aroma of Pyrodex and the stench of an ugly queue of punters on Melville. Yurgh!

    Luckily I had been warned and took my own victuals
  8. Damn! I forgot all about this - noticed the signs when I was there the previous weekend, oh well
  9. ugly

    ugly LE Moderator

    Meanness isnt how I would describe that bunch of muppets, I personally wasnt bothered giving him my lunch, it just typified the attitude of the NRA. both my sons are welcome at club events aged 15 and 18 as the club recognises young blood. In fact it describes under 40's as juniors!
    It was just another nail in the NRA coffin!
    Even if it changed its name I wouldnt touch it with a barge pole, the attitude will remain the same! :x