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Discussion in 'Sports, Adventure Training and Events' started by Mighty_doh_nut, May 31, 2007.

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  1. Any arrsers out here members of the NRA?

    Are there any rewards for being a member or is it just a waste of a subscription?
  2. ugly

    ugly LE Moderator

    If you can change them I'll join back up again!
  3. I joined, just so I could book the Bisley ranges without having to go via a club shoot. Wifey will probably join at their current discount rate, so the pair of us can book a range.

    On the downside, membership is quite expensive, and I have a very low opinion of the NRA's stewardship of Bisley and of its feeble activities in promotion of- and defence- of shooting sports. (Its public "Open Days" are a classic example of how to dissuade Mr/Ms/Junior Public from taking up shooting.....).

    Not aware of any other particular benefits. If you are in a county where the police are strongly anti-shooting, then its handy having the "NRA member" tag. Then again, the cops are becoming more wary of people who are members of organisations like BASC, Sportsmans' Association and the Gun Trade Association, all of which are much more legally active on behalf of shooters. These organisations also tend to have much better "real world" benefits, such as insurance or kit discounts - and the all-important legal helplines.
  4. I used to be a member but left after their non defence of the semi auto rifle and handguns ban. I don't think they do enough to support shooting in general.
  5. I suspect there's a "grass is always greener" - certainly the NRA seems much better run these days (I'm an NSRA member, so the "NRA gets itself out of debt" thing looks better than the "thieving sh*te of an ex-RCT Lt.Col defrauds the NSRA for £100k" thing.). The "defence of shooting sports" thing wasn't just them; most governing bodies made the same call post-Dunblane.

    It's not just the range prices thing, it's the insurance thing. In addition to the third-party cover, all of our kit (several grand to replace) and our rifles (much more) are insured through our membership of the NSRA; including trips abroad, if organised as a formal event, etc, etc.

    They've been talking about unification of the NRA / NSRA / CPSA for a while now, seeing as they're all based on the same camp, doing much the same things. That would be nice :)

    Basically, it's the national governing body, a bit like a Trades Union. If enough people join, it has the funds coming in to achieve things, and provide benefits as well as clout. If not enough people are members, politicos can choose to ignore it "because it doesn't reflect the vast majority of shooters"; and you occasionally end up employing second-raters as permanent staff. See "thieving Lt.Col(Retd)" above.
  6. ugly

    ugly LE Moderator

    If they had done something to defend shooting instead of their own status, if they did something about the rip off prices they charge clubs then I would reconsider. As an NGO member with land I can shoot most of my rifles on my farm. Its a bonus. I know that affiliated clubs get a discount if enough members are also NRA members but the rip off with the pistols and kit going missing was enough for me. I sold my section 7 pistols and bought a stalking rifle.
    I run for myself and clients/guests a little practical rifle shoot involving real targets not pussy nra pc ones.
    I have always liked and admired the NSRA and hope that if a merger takes place that they come to the fore. I would also like to see more active political lobbying but hey why rock the boat C4!