NRA mandatory firearms assesments for Ranges in UK

Discussion in 'Sports, Adventure Training and Events' started by ugly, May 4, 2008.

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  1. ugly

    ugly LE Moderator

    I got home from the woods today to find this message waiting for me;
    From 1st January 2009 it will be a mandatory requirement for a civilian
    shooter to have a certificate of competence to shoot on an MOD Range
    (including Bisley). The certificate will be issued on successful completion
    of a Range Safety and Competency Test (RCST).

    The NRA are still at the draft stage of what the RCST needs to include but
    we expect this to be published shortly.

    The RCST is to certify the shooter, not the rifle so you don't need a RCST
    for each rifle you own. You need to be certified by 31st December 2008 for
    2009 and thereafter annually.

    Your completed RCST certificate will need to be sent to the NRA with a photo
    for them to issue a card to state you're competent to use an MOD Range.
    There will be a charge for this, probably in the region of £15-£20 that
    would be paid direct to NRA.

    Now I am not saying that shooters need to be competent but that is why we have probationary membership of clubs and club secretaries sign of full members so they can apply for an FAC. If the law is thus then why are the NRA introducing their own rules.
    I can only see it as a revenue machine for them.
    I wont submit, if that means I cant shoot at Bisley then I wont go there!
    If that means I must part with my rifles then I will have room for more sporting rifles.
    There is no clear legal requirement for this and the NRA cannot fail to make a complete arrsse of one even if it was needed.
    I for one will be asking my club why the NRA are deciding that clubs are no longer fit to pass probationary members or is it money only.
    I would like a boycott for 6 months of the NRA (lets face it your FAC is for 5 years and the NRA would hurt in 5 days). They are paid to provide a service which gets worse every year. No I wont join and vote this out as they wont let ordinary members take charge.
    Damn them I certainly wont darken their doors again!
  2. does/has the NRA in this country ever defended shooters' interests? I can't seem to recall them ever being in the news doing so. All I ever read was that they'd banned this gun, that gun, any other gun different from a single shot from their ranges. NRA - No Real Assistance?
  3. As this is required to shoot on just MOD Ranges, I would say that it has been introduced by the MOD not the NRA.

    It will be a litigation measure to protect the MOD from being liable for any incidents.

    Remember fat people have tried to sue the fast food industry for making them fat!
  4. Its a long story relating to the discovery, by the MoD, that their range safety danger areas weren't big enough for modern ammunition. If you visit the NRA web site you can follow the history of the whole issue. Its your club that has to certify shooters but the MoD are only working through the NRA to arrange this. Sensible enough if you think about it.
  5. ugly

    ugly LE Moderator

    Why then do we have to pay the NRA to do what we as clubs have done for over 50 years?
    Bisley is included, I suspect that this will meet resistance, this is a gift horse to the NRA following on from their mismanagement of the calibre and muzzle energy fiasco and to use this as a back door to get in another revenue stream is appalling. They'll never see a penny of my money again!
    If that means I have to seriously change the way I do my shooting then so be it!
    They (NRA) tried to persuade plod and Govt about 3 years ago that mandatory training is good and necessary and they should be the body responsible for all FAC holders in the UK. Thankfully that was ignored!
    They have never done anything outside of their comfort zone of TR unless it meant they could cream cash in. They sold SLRs down the road by removing SR from the list of comps, they stayed quiet after 97 and got the section 7 status which they are currently abusing (I sold my pistols after 4 years rather than give those thieves any more of my money!). The last time I shot there two blazer wearing numpties wanted me to move some benches that were already there and accused me of shooting from these benches, I was storing my kit on them to stop it getting dirty. I havent forgotten being shouted at for loading with a magasine for a military rifle shoot! Wakners and oxygen thieves the lot of them!