NRA Baseball Cap

Discussion in 'Shooting, Hunting and Fishing' started by fltpilot, Jul 22, 2013.

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  1. Anyone know where i can buy one in the UK from?
  2. ugly

    ugly LE Moderator

    UKNRA, what on earth for?
    Surely they would be **** caps not baseball?
  3. What, a US NRA cap or a UK cap?

    I might be able to send you a US one over soon as I am renewing my US NRA subs and they always send me a hat with my new membership card.
  4. You could raffle one for hols for heroes. I imagine it would work like a charm for anyone who wanted to annoy lefties.

    The buyer could even put on ten stone and fornicate with their sister to complete the outrage-generation effect.
  5. Next time I'm over with my cousins I'll bring you one back. No problem as we have about twenty or so of the things after all. Just have to scrape all the chicken sh1t off 'em, is all. I've never renewed my membership of the NRA since I joined for life back in 1976. Still get all the begging letters though.

    I have reservations about this headgear clashing with the posh tweed duds and Le Chameau galoshes you all wear, not to mention the regimental neckties and shirts with collars [!] that I usually see on the ranges here.

    Still, to each his own.

  6. You're off with the hats again.
  7. Oh, sorry.

    Like I said, each to his own.

    Or, as we say here - Tá fear gan hata an rud bocht. Tá sé rud ar bith a éirí de thalamh acu i láthair a thighearna.

  8. The UK-NRA one is appropriate

    it comes fitted with blinkers

  9. [adjust cravat]Should I be offended?[/adjust cravat];-)
  10. How very aposite.

    If ever there was an organisation dedicated to NIMBY-ism, it is the UK NRA.

  11. It reads - 'Every man has need of a hat, to take off in the presence of his betters'.

    You'll be telling me now that you didn't know that.

  12. You don't have it so hard mate, if dream for some blokes to wear some tweed or at least just leave their Obama is a filthy Kenyan/muzzie
    Top at home.
    Here in the states it's honestly painful to see the "range trash" that floats around, I was just doing a bit of paper slaying at the range and I had a few other "members" give me flack just because I was wearing an old CCCP footy top.
    Most ranges are quite political here and it has nothing to do with the practice of shooting.

    Though on a side note the NRA hat would clash with their mossy oak hunting jacket their jeans with the large belt buckle, their open carry pistol slung around their waste and the 9/11 never forget shirt.

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  13. That's what you get for going to an organised range with trailer-trash 'members'. When the urge takes us, my cous Joe and pal Ron and I get in the pickup with a load of guns, drive ten miles down the road to a gated track to which we have THE key, lock it behind us, drive three or four miles up into the trees, and shoot as much as we want, as far as we want, for as long as we want on our own private range. Our backstop is a butte about two miles long and three wide, as couple of miles away and about 3000 feet high. Our 'range' is the thirty-something square miles around it.

    When we've had enough depleting the national fund of ammunition, we police our brass, sit and eat our sammidges, pontificate on the ways of some folks we could mention, but don't, and then go back home.

    Sure, we're members of a couple of gun clubs, too, but since everybody there dresses with the same lack of taste as us, nobody has any badmouthing to say about anybody else in the clothes department - unlike here, of course, or wherever YOU might live.

    Guess you live in the wrong state. Oregon [an open-carry and no sales-tax state] treats you better.

  14. Sounds like you have a nice set up mate, I might just do the same since I have ample room to do it (I'm in Alaska) though I need to get the lads to pry bar open their wallets and buy some decent rifles and ammunition so they can tag along since their usually too cheap to get into shooting.
    I recommended them buying a few Mosin Nagants if it's so cost prohibited and they're a joy to plink with.
    I was just hoping that the open ranges would have a decent mix of people but the fact I live in the valley (wasilla) seems to prohibit that from being a possibility.

    Though I can CC without a permit which is nice.

    Also I've been having a look at Oregon and Washington for the past few months as they seems to have decent flight schools there, I might just end up in your neck of the woods eventually.

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  15. Aye lad, twas a bit like that where I was in Florida.

    Pennsylvania is a bit more european in its approach to firearms and the mentality is much more different towards shooters. We are seen as a bit psycho even talking about guns for anything other than hunting. Added to which many "local authorities" have banned any form of rough shooting other than a shotgun or by special licence for things like vermin control. I even read an article in a local rag recently where a bloke had been prosecuted for shooting an airsoft in his garden as that too is against the by laws of the authority area in which he lives.............sounds more like home every day.