NPTC Chainsaw certificates


I have been offered some work managing woodlands which is what I do as a bit of a hobby anyway. I need to get a Chainsaw cert to allow me to keep the costs down and I was wondering if my old B2 and B1 Assault Pioneers Courses would cover me in part for this. My local agricultural college want to stiff me for £600 for a week and then some more for 2 days assessment. That is too much and I'm looking for a lot less.
Ideas of licensed instructors? I used to teach the damn thing but never converted my quals and I still use one for domestic use about 6 or 7 times a year!
Some years ago I helped out at a voluntary conservancy organisation in N Ireland who were doing fairly reasonable courses on this. They've got all sorts of allied groups in England doing the same, I'm sure, although you may be well past this stage of competency: CVNI


I have spoken with NFU Mutual and a training provider, it seems that not only are the courses for beginners or those that do works where the public may be encountered/affected. NFU stopped ensuring forestry works a few years ago. It seems that I can do the works provided I have some sort of liability insurance which as I'm not doing work above head height in theory should be simple enough. If I bring in a contractor for ditching work I can rely upon their insurance!
I had a quick look on Google and found lots of training providers but no prices.
I suggest you find some local to you and give them a call.
You could probably use SLC to fund the national test - if you are in your last 12 months.

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