nPower - appalling customer service and the invisibility cloak of 'data protection'.

What is it with energy suppliers?

Moved into my current house in December, bought it from someone who was renting it out.

Went with OVO as they had a good deal going but the previous owner had recently switched supplier from when her previous tenants left about 2 months previously.

We still haven't received a bill from them as our meter serial number doesn't match what is on their records, we keep sending photographic evidence with readings every month so they can assess our usage but for some reason can't seem to sort it out. We keep getting estimated projections of our energy usage that amount to around £4000 a year! I'm not sure what they think we're powering for that usage as I estimated it to be about £100 per month & our readings are pretty much showing this as the case but for some reason they believe we'll be powering our own death star or somesuch.

We are 6 months in & are yet to have a bill from them.

Just to add wee have no gas to the property & everything is on electric, the missus mate lives in a place opposite us on the same site with the same energy supply & is paying slightly less than what we estimated but is in a smaller property, so we must be in the right ball park.
check your loft and make sure next door haven't broken in and running their own cannabis farm next door
check your loft and make sure next door haven't broken in and running their own cannabis farm next door
No way of them doing that due to the nature of the building but you'd think that would be the case with the amount they "project" we are going to use.
We send them monthly updates of our usage which matches my predictions but they ignore that & still send these weird estimations for the year.

I think it's more to do with button pushers at a call centre not engaging any brain cells rather than some subterfuge with the neighbour.
Update. I had promised that I would go to the Swindon Head Office of nPower tomorrow and late this afternoon I was contacted by the Head of Customer Services who 'accepted that there were errors' (but no apology) and had lifted the restrictions on our account, and offered a further £100 ex gratia. Then I asked her when we could switch and when we could get our overpayments back, oh, and where are the transcriptions of the calls? The answers are (a) in a month; (b) 6-8 weeks and (c) not my department. I further pressed for a written apology; in response I will get an acknowledgement of my complaint. How fûcking difficult is it for them to say sorry?

Edited to add: they are "looking into" how we acquired an adverse credit rating from nPower and separately, I've declined their offer of £100 as derisory.
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