Noweigan Army Video

Discussion in 'Infantry' started by Styron, Oct 12, 2005.

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  1. That was gay. I stopped watching when the three of them started mincing about that sangar.
  2. That was class (if a little gay). Who'd have thought the Norgies had a sense of humour!
  3. A bit Village People-ish - like the ending though!
  4. Just goes to prove that squaddies the world over are the same, no matter where the politicians send us we'll make the best of it. Hope they handed that morale back to the stores when they finished.
  5. Not a patch on "Armadillo" though is it! :)
  6. What a bunch of poofters !!!!
  7. Can see the funny side of it but all that mincing around with shirts open n stuff Reeks of semen samplers. They should be ashamed of themselves!
  8. Ah, good to see that the Norges are still there. Glad that they are doing the typical Scandanavian thing of staying in their camp and doing bugger all.
  9. Yeah, two dead in two and a half years; one from a friendly fire incident. Well dedicated. Saw loads on TELIC 4 - sleeping at checkpoints, never leaving their vehicles. Saw them in Kosovo as well.
  10. Just to reassure, I do feel for their families.