"Now you will shout properly"


Commanders in one company of the Givati infantry brigade beat and kicked their soldiers during the recruits' advanced training program, even breaking sticks on their bodies as punishment, Israel Radio reported Monday.

In one incident, a soldier smiled during inspection and his commanders beat and kicked him. In another case, a soldier talked when it was prohibited, and him commanders took him to the toilets where they kicked him until he collapsed, the report said.

In a third case, a soldier was told to pretend he was wounded and shout in pain. When his commander thought he didn't shout loudly enough, he beat him all over his body and told him: "Now you will shout properly."
Probably Human Right Watch will publish a detailed study as in this case


International group Human Rights Watch has published a detailed study of what it calls "horrific violence" against new conscripts in the Russian army.
Thanks God such terrible things are impossible in British armed forces.

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