Now you them - now you dont!

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Outstanding, Apr 19, 2006.

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  1. And the point ?
  2. Cheers you cnut !!! My missus just caught me looking at that !!!!

  3. If my missus caught me looking at that, she would think i've gone sad looking at fully clothed women..........or, have i missed something ?
  4. Hehehe. Frightning bushes on some of them. And some are just bloody frightening.
  5. Move the mouse over them.
  6. possibly....
  7. Assuming not WS?
  8. Press you right mouse button over each one
  9. Nice! Look at the chick wearing the New York grey sweater.

    Outstanding, good work man! :D
  10. If you click on them, they turn round! :D
  11. She looks like shes been to one of Di,s bulimia partys !!!!!! 8O


    Safe to look again now mrs has left the building :lol:
  12. ^^ Forget the skinny legs! Look at the jugs :|

    Perrrrrrky :D
  13. If you double click on them, they bend over and strike a hold open pose :D

    Or maybe I am just hoping :lol:
  14. Rodger that. Not bad despite the skinny legs. The bird in the grey coat with black tights is the usuall squaddie standard. Well at the top end of it anyway. :lol: