Now, you all know Im not one to bitch, but...........

Discussion in 'Campaigns' started by spunkymonkey, Aug 1, 2007.

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  1. Have any of you seen Mrs Cheeks' reaction on the YRF? :evil:

    Would say "fcuk her", but prefer not to risk anyone taking that as me volunteering :p

    Apart from that,

    [marq=left]BLOODY WELL DONE, EVERYONE!!!!!!!!!![/marq]
  2. What a **** .

    Let's give it a week to calm down, then banjo the b*tch.

    On other more urgent matters.

    It appears the instigator of the petition, is a BNP regional organiser.

    Marvellous. Once again, fate conspires to crap in my maggot.
  3. At least you are an unamed source for the Telegraph PTP :D

    Their snapper was very pretty, with a blue lace thong, if that helps.

    Minty is babelicious. No sign of Vikki though.

    As to the YRF, a settling is due sometime, but as you say, not yet.
  4. Psy, get the grin back on.

    The result is in, no-one's picked that up publicly and if they do, we're forewarned. maybe just say that Mrs Cheeks sent us the link to it ;)

    Also agree "not yet" on her, but didn't want the post to disappear before it was noted.
  5. Aislinn (Torygraph) likes my voice :D How old is she Fluffy?

    Sue, you were blimmin magnificent. The women councillors lead that vote, it was fantastic.

    The Chief Planning Officer needs suspending and an interview without Coffee. Which judging by the Council Chief's remarks, may not be beyond the bounds of possibility.
  6. The grin's back, see :D

    Sadly I missed most of the webcast as it kept crashing my PC and had to download the new version Real Player.

    Anyway looking forward to watching Sue's performance when the archived webcast is available online.

    Damn fine work all round.

    Fluffy dare I ask how you know the photographer had a blue lace thong? :)
  7. PS For the moment I've taken the large posters and radio clips offline as my site, as well as Arrse and 36grayslane were down for several hours.

    I'll put the files back tomorrow when the heat has died down a little. (Never thought I'd see my bandwidth exceeded!)
  8. Not much that can be done about the odious BNP chap. However, if the BNP want to exploit this then it will make them look worse than they already do (if that is possible) and make it clear that it was a cynical Trojan horse rather than due to any active part in this campaign.

    Perhaps there are two useful lessons identified for the next time (which I am sure there will be, as long as we have MoD neglect, bureaucratic indifference and NIMBYism towards those serving, veterans and families).

    1. Seize the initiative and worry about the detail later. I am kicking myself for not phoning up MVDC and volunteering as soon as I got the letter of acknowledgment, with the intention of offering up the slot to the best qualified person. Others can get in there first, as we have seen, with selfish or wrecking intentions.

    2. Downing Street petitions are very powerful weapons. They have some drawbacks, as sometimes they can get knocked back and others can get in there first with unintended consequences or possible repercussions. Perhaps some consideration of SOPs or an aide memoire for quickly getting a petition up would be worthwhile.

    This was an overwhelming success! Absolutely inspired, with the "boots on the ground" and the high-level MVDC contacts. What a year - Pun VC and now this!!! :twisted:
  9. Just got an unexpected email. Forgot I sent the original, but never mind :p