Now were getting on a bit!


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There used to be a website called nostalgia central and it had loads of theme tunes and clips from TV programmes and cartoons the ahem, err, cough, older site members may remember.
Anyway It's August the Radio 1 roadshow will be around Devon by now, watch out for the hairy cornflake and don't risk anything for a swisket.
Saturday mornings as a nipper down this end of the country, I used to get up just to watch this clip, sad I know.....

The Tomorrow People
Captain Scarlet was the best
OMG, I only had Childrens' Favourites with Uncle Mac (later replaced by Leslie Crowther) on steam radio.

I actually bought a CD off a lot of the old records they played to so I can play them for my daughter.

Years later, sharing a flat in London, TISWAS was essential Saturday morning viewing - followed by Kenny Everett on Capital Radio - before going to the pub.
After watching Daktari we settled down to an afternoon of sport with either Grandstand or World of sport with Dickie Davies and Frank Bough. Especially the Football Focus when football was a mans games! not the shite we see now!
Saturday mornings were spent at the cinema. If not it was Robinson Crusoe or White Horses on the telly. In the afternoon we had plate of sandwiches & a home made jam sponge cake in front of the telly watching the wrestling.
Jeez! Whirlybirds! I used to love that. We'd play it in the fields over the back of the house - old fallen trees were our choppers with the roots as our controls!

Ain't is amazing that we can remember old telly theme tunes and advertising jingles but not what I had for breakfast :-(


Trudging seven miles through pouring rain to town to listen to the Town Crier to see what was going on in the world.
Actually, the first bit's a lie. It was always sunny!
Google TV Ark, it has a few goodies on there.

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