Now We Will Wear "Fatigues" In Main Building?

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by SigDev_Duck, Oct 19, 2009.

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  1. According to John Higginson (Metro's Chief Political Correspondent), the Conservatives will have all service personnel in MB wearing "fatigues"... 8O

    Nice to know that they are going to be buying American uniforms for us to wear. :D

    MoD military will be told to wear fatiques

    By JOHN HIGGINSON - Sunday, October 18, 2009

    Plan: White House visit inspired Liam Fox.

    All military personnel working at the MoD will be encouraged to wear their uniform under a Conservative government, Metro has learned.
    Shadow defence secretary Liam Fox said he was proud of the military and wanted them back in their fatigues.

    But critics argued such a move could put servicemen and women at unnecessary greater risk of terror attacks.

    Dr Fox said he was inspired after visiting the White House. 'You would get led around by soldiers in uniforms they have worked extremely hard to get,' he said.

    'I want to know who is civilian and who is military and, moreover, I want to know whether they are Army, Navy or Air Force and what rank they are.'

    The issue of wearing uniforms has been high on the political agenda since last year when a review commissioned by Gordon Brown recommended a 'wider use of military uniforms'. The MoD subsequently ordered servicemen and women to wear their uniforms in public as 'often as possible' but stopped short of implementing the initiative at its own head office.

    At present, the 1,500 service staff working at MoD head office only wear their uniforms on Wednesdays, unless there is a military occasion.

    Rose Gentle, whose soldier son Gordon was killed in Iraq, said lives could be put at risk. 'I think they will be a target for terrorists. They should not wear uniforms when they do not have to,' she said.

  2. THey should wear them when on duty full stop.

    And Rose Gentle needs to STFU.
  3. The Services should wear their uniforms with pride. If you let the terrorists set the agenda then you are already on your way to defeat. A population that sees its military out and about in uniform will be reassured by that sight and is also likely to have more empathy with the Services and more respect.
  4. Because as it stands, no terrorist could possibly know who works in the big building with Ministry of Defence written on the front of it.

    It's terribly sad that her son died, but it doesn't make her a military expert. What on earth makes anyone think that her opinion is in anyway relevent?

    I love the theory that there might occasionally be military events at the headquarters of the, erm, military.

  5. Exactly.
  6. Get your uniforms on and stop pretending to be politco Pete and big city big bollox.

    I echo the sentiment that the so called terrorist threat is a good enough excuse not to wear uniform. Wear it with pride in Super Safe Britain which Comrade Gordon has gifted you with.
  7. Service Personnel should wear their uniform when on duty. All other nations do it and it looks good.

    Of course as far as New Labour is concerned there is little difference between a Serviceman and a Civil Servant so why would they bother to implement this policy anyway?
  8. Maybe we're missing the point.

    They're probably worried that if they make the service personnel wear uniform people will finally see clearly how many civvies are employed by the military who are to military matters what I am to Under Water Knife Fighting.
  9. Could go the Israeli route and arm our boys too... walk around Tel Aviv and you'll see no end of soldiers doing their shopping with an M16 with a mag full of rounds strapped around the stock...

    Won't happen though - as its makes the coup easier to pull off :twisted:
  10. i agree and further to that.

    terrorists are not fools. the fact that you are walking in to the MOD makes you a target anyway, uniform or not...

  11. Agree that Service personnel should be allowed/encouraged to wear uniform. What's wrong with changing clothes at work if somebody feels under threat?
  12. This single callsign more than happy to cut about in 95s/barrack dress/ervice dress mit gongs - sh1tload better chance of getting chatted up on the train than if you were in a suit.
  13. To add to the confusion, the US Army refers to its field uniform as "fatigues." The US Marines , however, never ones to follow the crowd, uses the quaint term "utilities!"
  14. It,s THE QUEENS uniform f'Chrisake!, wear it with pride or leave the service.